Got a question?

Do I need to sign up?

To access the floe spaces you need to sign up as a member. This is free of charge and will connect you with the floe community.

How do I access the location?

Security of our spaces and our members is paramount to us, therefore we are using the latest door access technology. Your phone acts as your personal key to grant you access to our spaces. If you do not have a smart phone or your phone runs out of battery, we have a key pad access too.

Am I tied into a long term contract?

No. We understand that the future is unknown, therefore we offer a range of memberships to suit your needs from: one off daily passes to multiple month contracts.

What are the opening hours?

Hub spaces are 24/7 and satelitte spaces are specific to each location, please refer to location information.

Can I bring a guest?

Please do, we are all about community and collaboration. You are more than welcome to bring a guest into the communal areas and meeting rooms. If you wish to work alongside a friend they can book a hot desk for the day.

Do I have to book a desk?

No. Our desks are available on a first come, first serve basis.